Essays by Roemer van Toorn, Ole Bouman and Dave Wendt:

DURÉE, vector of interest
Tadao Ando, Virgin Islands in the Urban Chaos
Leon Krier, O Tempora, O Mores!
Frank Gehry, Born to Be Wild

CONTEXT, vector of interest
Steven Holl, Under, In, On and Over the Earth
Robert Venturi, Denice Scott Brown, Two Cheers for Democracy is One too few
Nigel Coates & Doug Branson, Neuromancing in Cyberia

BORDER, vector of interest
Beth Gali, Espana Invertebrada Revisited
Rafael Moneo No Pasaran! Moneomentality for our Times
Diller & Scofidio, A Life to Machine in

TOPOS, vector of interest
Santiago Calatrava, Gothic after the Death of God
Pietro Derossi, "the Risk of Interpretation": Being Realo in Architecture
Bolles & Wilson, Ark-itecture

PROGRAMME, vector of interest
Lafour & Wijk, Quality for Ordinary People
Hans Holllein, Wien bleibt Fort Europe bleibt Wien
Bernard Tschumi, The Concept of a Tschumi does not Transgress

SPACE, vector of interest
Alberts & Van Huut, Consolation or Exorcism; a healthy Mind in a Healthy Building
Kisho Kurokawa, The Winning Coach is Always Right
Daniel Libeskind, On the Anti-Semitism of a Wall

IDENTITY, vector of interest
Lucien Kroll, The Voice of Libertarian Socialism
Ricardo Bofill, The Man who Mistook Style for a Living
Norman Foster, Teflon tech; Quarantine in the Big Shed

REPRESENTATION, vector of interest
Herzog & De Meuron, Reculer pour Mieux Sauter?
Michael Graves, The Eye Takes Command
Itsuko Hasegawa, Man Without Qualities ... is a Woman!

The Invisible in Architecture
Authors/editors Roemer van Toorn, and Ole Bouman. Academy Editions & Ernst and Sohn, 1994. 520 pages

The Invisible in Architecture, by Roemer van Toorn, and Ole Bouman

Architecture or Status Quo, by Roemer van Toorn, and Ole Bouman

Conversations by Roemer van Toorn, and Ole Bouman:
Oswald Matthias Ungers: Le Style, c'est L'Homme
Quinlan Terry, Classical Architecture is no Saviour
Denise Scott Brown, Architecture for King Client
Richard Rogers, A Modern View, or a View on the Modern
Oriol Bohigas, Between Omnipotence and Aluminosis
Alvaro Siza, Desperately Seeking Siza
Herman Hertzberger, Ryebread Architecture
Jean Nouvel, Tomorrow Can Take Care of Itself
Charles Jencks, The Reason why I Laugh or: The Topsy-Turvydom of Post-Modern Architectural Ethics
Giancarlo De Carlo, Architecture is too Important to leave to the Architects
Rem Koolhaas, Architecture at Remdom; The Blinkers that Make the Visionary

Articles by
Ernest Mandel, The Need for Space as a Global Problem:Manifesto
Amos Rapoport, On 'The Invisible in Architecture'
Peter Eisenman, Visions 'Unfolding: Arch. in the Age of Media
Kenneth Frampton, In Search of Ground
Manfred Hegger, Ecology: the Invisible Factor
Gianni Vattimo, Myth and the Fate of Secularisation
Hal Foster, Architecture, Development, Memory
Richard Sennett, Our Culture is in Need of an Art of Exposure
Pietro Derossi, Interpretation, Mediation, Narrative in Arch.
Henri Raymond, Afterthoughts on Architectural Cynicism
David Harvey, The Invisible Political Economy of Arch. Production
Martha Rossler, In the Place of the Public, ...
Francesco Venezia, Architecture as Evocation of Concealed Time

Biography of each contributor with a special portrait including a political statement in which they present their stance.

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