Hunch 6/7 109 Provisional Attemps to Address Six Simple and Hard Questions About what Architects should Do Today and where Their Profession Might Go Tommorrow
THE BERLAGE INSTITUTE REPORT Chief editors Roemer van Toorn and Jennifer Sigler

On the occasion of the farewell to Wiel Arets and the welcoming of Alejandro Zaera-Polo as dean, the Berlage Institute organized an international symposium and this special edition of hunch 6/7 on the question: "What will the architect enact tomorrow?" More than 100 international architects, theoreticians and critics were challenged to address this question. [Browse Pages]

In the introductory article "Beyond Wonderland" Roemer van Toorn analyzes the positions contemporary architecture is taking, the issues it deals with or denies, and the positions it could take in the future.

This special edition of Hunch includes, besides an interview by Roemer van Toorn with Wiel Arets and Akandro Zaero Polo on education ("Equipping the Architect for Today's society"), the voices of: Stan Allen, Tadao Ando, Wiel Arets, Geert Bekeart, Aaron Betsky, Stefano Boeri, Mario Botta, Ole Bouman, Jean-Louis Cohen, Jo Coenen, Lieven De Cauter, Rients Dijkstra, Peter Eisenman, Kristin Feireiss, Kenneth Frampton, Diane Ghirardo, Zaha Hadid, Michael Hays, Herman Hertzberger, Jacques Herzog, Hilde Heynen, Toyo Ito, Charles Jencks, Rob Krier, Sylvia Lavin, Lars Lerup, Winy Maas, Detlef Mertins, Hans Ulrich-Obrist, Saskia Sassen, Kazuyo Sejima, Dietmar Steiner, Harm Tilman, Hans van Dijk, Thomas van Leeuwen, Anthony Vidler, Sarah Whiting, Alejandro Zaero-Polo, and Elia Zenghelis.

Published by Episode Publishers Rotterdam, see also

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